M!A: Kryptonite || Open

"You’re kryptonite will be redheads."

Whatever that was supposed to mean.  I had ignored it, hoping it would just go away, like so many other magic anons I had received from these gray-faced jerks.  

But, as usual, it didn’t go away.  

I flipped my computer shut, deciding to take a quick flight before anything weird started happening.  I glanced up into the rearview mirror of the van, basically wanting to make sure I didn’t have anything weird on my face.

And I froze.

Slowly, I raised a hand, running it through my hair.  I took good care of my hair.  It always looked at least decent.  But today it was… Holy crap.  Where was Max when I needed to dazzle her with my awesomeness?

I raced out of the van, intending to find Max-

And ran into a tree.

Now, that was pretty much shocking enough.  I mean, we hadn’t parked that close to any trees. Where had this one come from?  But, not to worry, the tree wouldn’t cause me problems for long.  Right after I hit it, the tree began to sway. And with one loud creaking noise, it crashed to the ground, roots and all.

I just stared at the tree, shocked at how crappy the ground must be around here if the roots had such little hold that some lightweight birdkid could knock over a huge tree.  I turned around, wanting to go back into the van, maybe move it away from these weak-rooted trees…

But the van was a good thirty feet away.  How had I gotten that far from it that fast?

Now completely confused, I started to walk back, and noticed the van move slightly, like someone had gotten inside it.  I squinted a bit, just trying to get a better looks through the windows, but, once again, got more than I bargained for.  I was seeing through the walls of the van, at Gazzy, who was trying to use my laptop to look up God-knows-what.

I sped up slightly, only to have to make huge skid marks in the dirt, trying to stop myself before I knocked over the van next.


I knew my super heroes well enough.  Now, things were starting to make sense.

I jumped into the sky, pouring on the speed, wanting to test my theory somewhere far enough away so no one would get hurt.  I flew for maybe a minute and managed to get miles and miles away, before landing behind what looked like a supermarket.  I pulled a jacket on over my wings and walked around front, through the parking lot.  I noticed a car, parked so badly it was taking up two spaces at once. I looked around and, not seeing anyone close by, grabbed the car’s bumper with both hands, and pulled.  

It was like lifting, say, a small stack of books.  I easily re-positioned the car into one parking spot without even breaking a sweat.  I stepped back, shocked at these new abilities.  I stared at my hands, almost expecting them to glow with power or bulge with muscles or something.

I heard giggling behind me and spun around, spotting two college age-looking girls walking past.  They weren’t staring at me or screaming, so I guessed they must have missed my little display.  I saw a name printed on the sweatshirt of one of the girls and I focused on it, just wanting to read, maybe, the name of a university, so that I’d know where I was.

I jumped, seeing a lot more than I bargained for.  X-ray vision.  I was gonna have to be careful with that one…